team RAMOPRIMO architects Marcella Campa, Stefano Avesani, Sara Scotti, DuChang location Beijing  China function restautant,deli area 160 sqm + patio type Built client Green Option year 2018
sweetie salad organic restaurant
perpendicular wood interior design pic nic benches
interior design pic-nic pactchwork chairs
colorful clay bricks and solid wood over-sized tables
sweetie salad food and nature
wall decoration handmade painting interior design pastel colors
wall decorations nature
perpendicular forest interior design patchwork wood blenches and clay bricks
organic and fresh food sweetie salad restaurant wood chandeliers and blenches
organic and fresh food perpendicular forest
colorful clay bricks pic-nic
fresh and organic food interior design restaurant
perpendicular forest home bread and organic food
wood chandeliers interior design ramoprimo
clay bricks green yellow wood benches
organic food ramoprimo interior design beijing
ramoprimo sweetie salad disegno progetto
ramoprimo interior design project
ramoprimo interior design ristorante progetto disegno
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