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double happiness, urban project, city, district, map, ramoprimo, urban, project,
DOUBLE HAPPINESS is an urban vision proposing a widespread system of public services and facilities for Dashilar district in Beijing. The strategy consists in a double system working on both the inside and the outside of the existing houses, on the ground-level of the courtyards and the upper level of the roofs.
double happiness, urban project, system, public services, facilities, Dashilar district,
One of the most remarkable aspects emerging from observing spontaneous and uncontrolled self-construction in the Hutongs is about the unlimited possibilities, solutions, creative usage of spaces and life-style opportunities that these changes are introducing and adding to the original houses extending the home space on the street and occupying the public domain with private uses that cannot find space inside. DOUBLE HAPPINESS project is an urban vision exploring these trends by reorganizing new public functions that cannot find space at home. It aims to improve social density, diversity and quality of lifestyles and to amplify the variety of imaginable ways to enjoy life in the neighbourhood. The project proposes a widespread system of attractive hubs dotting the entire district with new public services. These can vary from the more usual urban camping, pigeon raising or gardening, to more community oriented uses like public stages for theatre and performances, art ateliers, playgrounds and swimming pools, platforms for playing badminton or skating, telescope stations for watching stars and temporary markets. DOUBLE HAPPINESS is also intended as an incubator for opportunities, an imaginative primer for doable visions. While solving basic needs of improved living standards, it will mainly focus on enjoyable aspects of life addressing new cultural, social and psychological needs and providing a diffuse set of joyful solutions to shape a vibrant and creative community. No limit to imagination; creative use of the public space; creation of a roofscape with micro landmarks recognizable by their strong public character, are the main issues of the proposal.

 双喜项目探讨的方向是如何重新组织那些在家庭空间中无法实现的公共功能。它的目的是提高社会密度,提高生活的多样性和生活品质,并以各种可能的想象的途径来最大化的在居住社区里享受生活。通过观察那些自发的和不受控制的私自建设,我们发现胡同空间的最显著特色之一就是其对空间和生活方式的无限的可能性发展,解决方案,和创造性的利用 。这些创造性活动是在内部空间不足的情况下, 将原有的家居空间向外延伸到街道,并利用公共领域来做为私用。该项目提出了一个在整个社区广泛分布的,有吸引力的新公共服务点系统。这些区别于一般的城市露营,养鸽或园艺,更着重于交流层面的使用,像是公共戏剧和表演的舞台,艺术工作室,公共运动场和游泳池,打羽毛球或者滑冰平台,或是观星台或临时集市。双喜项目也有意成为一个机会的孵化器,一个具有想象力的启蒙。旨在通过解决基本需求来改善生活水平,将着重于文化性的,社会性的和心理需求等生活享乐方面,并提供了一套使人愉悦的解决方案,以塑造一个充满活力和创造力的社区。作为项目的重要主题,包括发挥无限的想象力;公共空间的创造性使用;以及塑造强大的公共特征的微型地标来创造屋顶风景 。 
double happiness, urban project, ramoprimo, roofscape, micro, landmarks,
double happiness, ramoprimo, masterplan, urban project, creativity, community, district, playground,
urban project, creative community, rooftop, swimming pool,
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double happiness, urban project, rooftop, urban, project, ramoprimo, drawings,

double happiness, urban project, rooftop, urban project, ramoprimo, drawings,
urban project, ramoprimo, district, rooftop, urban, project, ramoprimo, drawing,
instanthutong, ramoprimo, hutong, decoration, rooftop, urban project,
The project has been specifically designed in the framework of the Dashilar district's Pilot Project program and may be developed after Beijing Design Week 2015. According to the guidelines of the program, the goal of the project in this phase is to collect local residents feedbacks and start a discussion with neighbours.
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